Katy Perry Talks Las Vegas Residency, 'Electric,' And More!

Katy Perry has been extra busy, she's not only the mom of a 9 month old, but she's also a judge on American Idol, put out new music, and just announced a Las Vegas residency. Katy joined Valentine in the Morning to talk all about her upcoming Vegas residency, her new song 'Electric' for the 25th anniversary of Pokemon, she tells us if she finally watched Lord of the Rings and more!

Katy told us all about what we can expect for her upcoming 'Play' Las Vegas residency and we couldn't be any more excited.

"I was planning it [Las Vegas Residency] pre-covid and then all of a sudden all that happened and now it's upon us because it feels like not even a year had passed. It feels like it was 2019 yesterday, but now we're here and it opens around New Year's and December and it's going to be larger than life just like everything else. There's a commercial out for it now and it kind of reminds you of all the different spectacles of shows that i've put on and I really push myself to the next level every time. Vegas...I feel like is gonna be that one amazing place where you're gonna plan a weekend to remember or not and you're gonna wanna get your money's worth and I think that's where you're gonna get your money's worth. You're gonna get entertained, you're gonna get well fed, well drank, and well danced i'm sure...I'm creating a show that can be a whole family affair and that's usually what my shows are. Yeah, sure you might have to cover their eyes once or their ears once or the innuendos will be thick, but they won't know that it's not actually about a peacock."

Katy’s newest single “Electric” is for Pokemon’s 25thanniversary celebration. She loves all things Pokemon and it goes back to her childhood when she would play the original video game on her Game Boy. When Katy visited the Pokemon Café while touring in Japan, she got nostalgic as it took her back to her junior high years so she was elated when she was asked be part of the 25th anniversary celebration.

"Right before COVID, Orlando and I went to Japan and I found myself at the Pokemon cafe, which I was really excited about because it was on my list. We also went with his 10 year old son so it was exciting to go back there and it reminded me of when I was playing Pogs and Pokemon cards in 7th and 8th grade. Then they called me and they said 'hey do you want to be part of this 25th anniversary' and I was like 'I got the song for you' so I made "Electric" and shot the video in O'ahu in Hawaii. It's me and Pikachu meditating, which is dope because that's what I like to do sometimes and guiding my younger self helping her make the right choices."

The last time Katy joined us in-studio, she admitted that she had never watched all of 'Lord of the Rings' and that was something she really wanted to do. Well, we asked her if she finally got the opportunity to do that.

"I think I have. I just know that there are so many. The funny thing is that like it's not just 'Lord of the Rings' it's also 'Pirates of the Caribbean' so there's like 3 or 4 of each of them. You know I haven't even seen one Star Wars. I'm gonna save it for if I ever get mono God Bless."

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Photo Credit: Getty Images