Burbank Police Is Hosting Reverse Trick-or-Treating Starting This Weekend!

The Burbank Police is making an effort to keep kids safe during Halloween, which is why they are hosting a "Reverse Trick-or- Treat'' pumpkin-coloring contest this year. Children who reside in Burbank are encouraged to print a Halloween pumpkin template, color the blank pumpkin, and tape it in a window that faces the street so officers can see it when they drive by during patrol. If it's spotted, officers will leave behind a Halloween Trick-or-Treat bag filled with a few surprises. Officers will try to reach as many homes as possible, but residents are urged to post photos of their colored-in pumpkin and tag the Burbank Police Department in social media posts. The Burbank Police Department is hoping that this "Reverse Trick-or- Treat'' pumpkin-coloring contest will help slow the spread of COVID-19 by discouraging trick-or-treating. The coloring contest begins tomorrow (10/24) and you can download and print the pumpkin template here!

Are your kids going to participate in this?

Photo Credit: Getty Images