Kellogg's Redesigned Froot Loops Toucan Sam And People Are Freaking Out!

If we're going to be honest, we're all going crazy while in quarantine and sometimes that means making some rash decisions. You know the Kellogg's Froot Loops beloved mascot Toucan Sam from all of the TV commercials and of course you can't miss him on the box of cereal when you're at the grocery store. Well Kellogg's has decided to redesign the famous cartoon character and he looks basically unrecognizable. The cereal brand debuted the new look of the Toucan on Instagram and the public was not happy at all. They literally changed everything about the Toucan we all knew and loved. For starters, they changed the bird from 3D to a 2D cartoon, he's now teal, has a rainbow beak and a mouth with teeth. The change has caused the internet to leave comments on the Instagram photo protesting the new version and demanding they change it back.

You can see the new Toucan Sam below:

What do you think of the way Toucan Sam looks now? Do you prefer the old way?

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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