Valentine Talks About The MYfm Holiday Party On KTLA!

Valentine went on KTLA 5 yesterday with Snoopy to talk all about our upcoming MYfm holiday party at Knott's Merry Farm. If you've never attended our holiday party before, we shut down the park on December 12th from 9pm-1am for a private night just for MYfm listeners. You get to go on all of the rides with no lines and you'll also get to enjoy Knott's Merry Farm's new musical review "Home For The Holidays," Christmas carolers, Santa's Cabin, the enchanting "snow and glow" experience, and so much more. You can win tickets into our private holiday party everyday from 6am-12am!

Before Val left for KTLA, Kevin told Val that we'll know he's saying hi to us if he gets Sam Rubin to touch Val's mustache. Val of course did it on LIVE TV! You can watch Val subtly get Sam to touch his mustache, plus a surprise appearance from Val's son Colin below:

Valentine In The Morning

Valentine In The Morning

Valentine In The Morning Show is on air from 5am-10am. Valentine, Jill and Kevin Manno are the morning show.


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