McDonald's Just Brought Back The Shamrock Shake At Select Locations!

There's one limited time item from McDonald's that we always get so excited for the announcement and that's for the Shamrock Shake. The fast food chain normally brings the famous shake back around St. Patrick's Day, which makes sense, but this year they are bringing it back this month at select locations. You may be thinking "WHY ARE THEY BRINGING IT BACK SO EARLY?! IT'S NOT EVEN HALLOWEEN!" Well it's because football season is back!

The Shamrock Shake is back at at locations in Philadelphia in support of the Eagles "Stomp, Scream, and Shake" campaign. This makes sense considering the shake was created in Philadelphia and it's the home of the Ronald McDonald House charity. If you're in the Philly area, you'll have until October 18th to pick up the minty drink otherwise you'll have to wait until March like the rest of us!

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