The FORCE is strong with this one...

Alex Burkan is a Russian YouTuber and he's clearly a Star Wars fan. He's also got that Tony Stark kind of brilliance going on and so, since he wanted a light saber, like the ones wielded by Jedi and Sith in the movies, he went and designed himself one.

But not a toy, oh no. He designed himself a real one. An actual lightsaber which produces a THREE FOOT PLASMA blade and can actually cut through STEEL.

How insane is that?

Now, this is his Mark I version. It's basically a functional prototype, but he's not done with it. He's working on making it better, refining it, making it a more elegant weapon from a simpler time. And, given that he's already come this far, he's probably well on the path toward making this happen!


Meanwhile, I'll be over here wielding the one I probably paid way too much for at Disney World.

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