#SHAME: Cop paid $30k to LEAVE FORCE after colleagues find her on @ONLYFANS

This is just sad...

A veteran law enforcement official who had a steamy side-hustle was forced to QUIT her job for $30,000 after colleagues found her sultry photos on the adult entertainment app ONLYFANS.

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Melissa Williams, 46, of Colorado, was a 28-year police veteran. She had spent 11 years with the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office and started moonlighting on the ONLY FANS app in May 2020. She says she did so to "spice up her love life" but things quickly got out of hand when colleagues found her online.

She says she was forced to quit and received a $30k severance to leave the force.

Should anyone have to leave a job because they find some "steamy" photos or videos - posted with the subject's own consent - to the internet?

I have so many questions...

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