#LIST: Signs the person you're dating has been married MULTIPLE times!

Hey, it happens... things just don't work out and people end up divorced. However, sometimes, in the world of dating, I've found that whole subject is sometimes tough to bring up! That's why I present to you this list of SIGNS THE PERSON YOU ARE DATING HAS BEEN MARRIED MULTIPLE TIMES...

First question they ask you is how do you feel about putting the toilet seat down when you’re done

They want to know if you consider sleeping with your secretary cheating

They have diamond rings on all of their fingers

Their license plate says “Alimony”

They wanted to skip the second date and move in together

They refer to you as their future ex-wife

You’re in between jobs and they’re in between spouses

They have a divorce lawyer on retainer

They’ve got more exes than all of the Kardashians put together

You spent your third date going over a pre-nuptial agreement

They’ve been on “Say Yes To The Dress” 12 times

Every time you drive by a church they say “I Do”

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