#LIST: Five ways YOU can be more romantic!

Valentine's Day is just around the corner... and as such, people are looking for ways to show the love...

... and since my job in your life is to be there to help with ideas and more, here are five ways you can be more romantic, from Rutgers University's Helen Fisher, the author of the book ANATOMY OF LOVE...

1. Break the Rules. Routine kills romance because the human animal gets bored very easily. That’s why we love surprises and adventures. If your love life is in a rut, try something new. Break some habits.

2. “Connect” Each Day. If you are not talking with each other, not spending time with each other, it becomes very awkward to all of a sudden grope each other in the middle of the night. You need to first do all those things that help you connect emotionally. A good sexual relationship comes out of an emotional connection.

3. Make a Date. If life’s demands are forcing you to put your relationship last, schedule time together. These dates can be powerful because you know you are doing it to maintain your relationship.

4. Express Yourself. Many partners hesitate to tell their mates what they would like romantically, thinking, “If I have to tell, it’s no fun!” But without communication, each partner flounders around in a hit-or-miss fashion, trying to figure out what will please the other.

5. Create a Little Tension. Passion is heightened by the tension created when you have to overcome impediments. It gets your energy up and helps you be creative. Sometimes it can be fun to set up temporary obstacles.

So... What’s the unique thing your partner does that you find romantic? Tell me all about it on Facebook!

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