#LOVE: Guys! Here's how to know when you are being FLIRTED WITH via TEXT!

From our friends over at ASK MEN...

When it comes to flirting radar, some guys are just plain clueless. They won’t realize until it’s too late that some hottie was flirting with, when they thought it was just good-natured chit-chat. Then, it takes friends asking if he got her number because she was so into him, at which point he smacks himself in the skull for not being aware of it.

With texting, it can be even harder because there’s no intonation, facial expression, eye contact, or sense of sarcasm.

Fortunately, if you’re paying attention, there are clues that let you know if your texting partner might be interested in something more than your thumb skills.

· Questions – If the questions are coming fast & furious, it’s obvious they’re curious about you. That’s a solid sign… unless they’re a cop or lawyer.

· Compliments – It could be more than just them being nice. If the compliments are plentiful, they clearly are seeing your awesomeness.

· Teasing/Playfulness – Teasing or playful jabs and jokes could be a let on that they’re into you…especially if they come with a cute “nickname.”

· Emojis & Voice Notes – Winks, hearts, & kissy-faces are a good sign. Voice notes can be a hint that they’re interested in sharing your more than just text script and might want to take things to a higher level…like an actual conversation…in person, even.

· Frequency – If your new friend is texting you out-of-blue to see how you’re doing, respond to your texts immediately, and take the time to chat you up way more than your average friend, it’s a clear sign that they’re digging you…or they’re really bored…but the text content should make it easy to tell the difference. Especially if they start with something more intricate than “Sup” or “Yo.”

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