#UPDATE: The end of @tkradio's #FirstWorldProblem has come!

#update- and finally, on the ninth day of no AC… a change had come. The broken part ordered a week ago arrived and so, after sleeping in a room near 85 degrees most nights, I finally again found rest. Rest… in gloriously cooled air conditioned air. I passed out early. Slept amazingly. And god willing the AC won’t be breaking again! #life #firstworldproblems #thelittlethings #summer

SO... now that my time in the HEAT with NO AC has passed... what have I learned about surviving with no AIR CONDITIONING?

Well.... many things. But I'll digest them all down into a few tips for you... just in case this ever happens to you!

1) Shower often. I was showering like three times per day just to beat the heat each day, in the MORNING, around LUNCH and at NIGHT. You feel instantly cooler, trust me. And, less sweaty... which just ain't fun at all!

2) Sleep NAKED. Fewer clothes = Cooler. Period. You can't do this if you have kids at home, tho. So I couldn't do this every night... but on nights Kyla was at moms or whatnot... yeah.

3) If you do sleep NAKED and you live alone... leave the door open to your room. Let the air - even if hot - circulate.

4) Eat NON HOT foods. NON SPICY foods. For me, the staple was gazpacho and some shakes and smoothies.

5) Water. Drink lots of it.

6) Gatorade or Powerade Zero. It helps. Electrolytes.

7) Sleep in the car if you have to do so to cool off... because AC is AC.

8) Sleep in the living room if it's cooler.

9) Spend as much time as you can in a pool.

10) Go to a hotel if you just can't take it. Even if you don't check in. Kick it in the lobby and rock out the wi-fi. Trust me, it's worth it!

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