#LUNCH: How The Pandemic Transformed How We Think About Lunch... BIGTIME!

While everyone was concerned about how to keep productivity up when the pandemic hit, there was another part of work-life that everyone seemed to pay zero attention to even though it’s something people spend a good amount of time and money on every day. That would be lunch. The midday meal has experienced quite the upheaval in the past year, and it might never get back to “normal.”

● Health And Convenience Take Center Stage. According to a new survey, cooking healthier meals was something 43% of Americans attempted while working remotely, and there was mixed success. Turns out eating well is easier said than done. In fact, 14% quit trying to eat better after just a month. Great news for restaurants trying to recover but terrible news for Tupperware companies.

● Pandemic Considerations Linger. It’s hard to believe that the communal box of doughnuts will be making a comeback in offices across the country anytime soon. The American Psychological Association has found 46% of adults still do not feel comfortable going back to living life like they used pre-COVID. You would have to imagine using the same sparsely washed coffee cups as all their coworkers would be at the bottom of their to-do list.

HT: Fast Company

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