QUESTION: What's a STRUGGLE today's kids will NEVER know?!

Well this conversation is on and poppin' on Facebook...

I saw the question asked on Reddit or someplace... "What's a struggle today's kids will never know..." and as my 15-year-old daughter waits for a food delivery service to deliver her some sort of food... it got me thinking... "she's never had to call a place to order take-away food."

She's never had to use a map for directions.

She's always known having a phone without a cord.

She doesn't even know we have a home phone - or what that number may be.

Wow, right?

Kids these days... they'll never know what having the internet on DIAL UP was like.

They'll never know what it's like to have a parent listening to their phone conversations on the line in another room.

Crazy, right?

So many people are posting thoughts to this thread, now on my Facebook page. Feel free to join in the conversation!

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