FOR THE KIDS: Can you send a Virtual Valentine to these St. Jude's Kids?

Do you have a second?

St. Jude Children's Hospital wants to know if you will send a quick Virtual Valentine to a patient in the hospital.

Will you send one?

I'll tell you... as someone who wasn't a kid, but who was a patient in a hospital for a longer-than-usual-amount of time, it is the little "patient life" things which make such a difference. As a kid, I can only imagine that getting a card on Valentine's Day... might have mean the world to me...

I hope you'll consider clicking and sending a card. It's free. It only costs a few minutes of time. And the dividends of your investment will pay you with something more than gold or platinum.

So... have a second? Can you send one?

Thanks for joining me in spreading joy...


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