Would You Work Out In These Plastic Pods? A Gym In California Is Doing This

Would you work out in these plastic pods? A gym in Redondo Beach has reopened with individual workout pods for clients to maintain social distancing while working out.

At Inspire South Bay Fitness, they’ve implemented using shower curtains and pipes to create nine individual pods to assign to members when they visit.

Initially, owner Peet Sapsin told CNN the gym considered mandating masks for returning clients. "We tested it out on Zoom, though, and could tell that people couldn't breathe. We felt really bad for them. Our clients are like our family. We were thinking, how do we want our family to feel?"

Instead they opted for the pods, which are 6-feet-wide and contain their own dumbbells and other equipment.

Credit: Inspire South Bay Fitness

Credit: Inspire South Bay Fitness

Before breaking a sweat, members are also asked to sanitize their hands, have their temperature taken and sign a waiver. The pods are also cleaned and disinfected after each use and the feedback has been positive so far. 

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