Secrets of People Whose Houses Smell Amazing

Woman in kitchen opening the window

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I'm always jealous of people whose homes smell amazing. How do they do it?

First tackle the bad stuff.

·Get rid of moisture. It's the number one cause of household odors.

  • Out with the obvious:
    • Garbage pails – clean it inside and out at least once a month and maybe keep a bit of kitty litter at the bottom of the pail to absorb smells.
    • Pet beds – launder them regularly
    • Litter box – scoop it every day
  • Open the fridge
    • Toss anything past its prime (the worst offenders are condiments)
    • Scrub the inside (stay away from bleach)
  • Clean soft surfaces. Carpets, throw pillows, upholstery, bed linens, and window covers are magnets for smells.

Then bring in the good!

  • Open the window for fresh air.
  • Try an odor neutralizer that doesn’t add a scent.
  • Find subtle ways to add scents: essential oil diffusers, fabric refresher sprays, baking soda cachets
  • Strong scents aren’t always best.Steer clear of sugary scents and stick to more natural ones, like woods, florals, and citrus.

Choose the scent that compliments YOUR home HERE


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