Ex-Convicts Are Being Mentored As Bakers To Make Bread For Restaurants

Chef carrying tray of bread in kitchen

Photo: Getty Images

Here's today's feel-good story.

A bakery in Scotland called Freedom Bakery is teaching ex-cons some new skills, including how to bake and provide bread for some of the fanciest restaurants in Scotland!

Matt Fountain, who runs the organization, watched his stepfather struggle to establish a life after being released from prison while Matt was age 12. He enrolled in university and had a chance to do a PhD at Oxford, but instead opted to invest his time and energy into helping people.

Fountain set up his first kitchen in 2014, and by 2017 he was working with prisoners to pair them with bakers and teaching them to bake.

“I came to the conclusion that I should be doing something useful and I set upon this idea to raise money for the charity Shelter by cycling around the UK.”

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