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Special Needs Teen Raises Money For Charity Through 1,600 Acts Of Kindness

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Here's today's feel-good story:

Since the start of the pandemic, 18-year-old Sebbie Hall, a teen with learning disabilities, has been on a mission to complete an act of kindness every single day, starting with lending his iPad to a friend who wanted to Zoom.

After his mom, Ashley, asked Sebbie to think about some skills he could use to earn money, he replied "I can be kind."

Since then, he has completed over 1,600 acts of kindness.

“Kindness is my superpower. I’m not stopping. I want to raise more money and make people more happy” said Sebbie.

His mom, Ashley said: “It’s hard for any young person to go up to random strangers and speak to them, and even harder for Sebbie because he finds it really hard to find words himself. But he somehow found this inner strength of being kind. It’s given him a position within his own community and a confidence that he didn’t have before."

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