Machine Gun Kelly Gets Emotional While Recalling A Special Show He Played

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox divulged all kinds of fun facts about each other during GQ's Couples Quiz video feature, and while most of the segment was lighthearted and fun (Fox really wants to be abducted by a UFO and is a major Potterhead) things got serious during the last question, when MGK asked his girlfriend what his favorite show was to play.

"I don’t know, I bet Red Rocks is one of them — one of your favorite venues — but I don’t know like specific shows," she said. "There’s been thousands."

"Yeah, obviously Cleveland hometown stuff is a go-to for me," her boyfriend responded before emotionally recalling the last time he performed at the iconic Colorado amphitheatre, "but the last time I did Red Rocks it was Juice WRLD opening and us closing. When I went onstage I could feel my aunt’s energy come down, and she was with me. She always dreamed that she could see me play there, but she passed before she could. So that was cool, feeling her there."

The couple also grace the latest cover of British GQ, where they opened up about their whirlwind romance and MGK divulged that he was "down to die" before he met Fox.

"I came from broken homes and I watched love never work. Then I grew up where in pop culture they don’t even make romantic movies any more. It hurts my soul that I wasted 30 years of my life not having any desire," he explained. "Dude, I was down to die. I was good. I was like, 'All right, got music out there. That’ll hold me down.' You know, my daughter is the best extension of me and she’s going to be better than I am. And I’ve seen some s***, so I’m good to go."

But then he met Fox, and she quite literally saved his life. "I’ve lost so many friends to suicide," he said. "Love gave me a reason to stay here."

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