Woman Gets Roasted After Asking Disney World's Gaston On A Date

Photo: TikTok

Disney World's actors are known for always staying in character during guest interactions. An actor portraying Beauty and the Beast villain Gaston was recently put to the test when a guest asked him out during a midday parade.

While strolling through Adventureland, a woman called out to the character. "Gaston my boyfriend just broke up with me, will you go out with me?" she asked. The actor only hesitated a bit before delivering a roast worthy of Gaston himself: "I'm sorry, I'm looking for the most beautiful woman in town." As Beauty and the Beast fans will know, this means Gaston is probably looking for Belle.

The crowd can be heard giggling at the interaction in a TikTok video captured by the woman's friend. After Gaston's response, the woman turns to the camera and asks: "Did I just get roasted?" When sharing the video, it was appropriately captioned "no one roasts like Gaston," referencing the character's solo from the animated classic.

Since being posted, the clip has garnered over a million views.

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