Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston 'Laugh Off' Romance Rumors Together Now

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston sent the internet into a tizzy when they reunited for the virtual table read of the cult classic film Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Pitt played the role Brad Hamilton, the character originally portrayed by Judge Reinhold in the 1982 film, while Aniston played Brad’s crush Linda Barrett, who was originally portrayed by Phoebe Cates. Not only did the former married couple share a steamy scene together, they also exchanged a sweet greeting—Aniston referred to her ex-husband as "honey"—at the top of the table read.

Despite being "a little nervous going into” the event, Pitt and Aniston “both enjoyed themselves," according to an Us Weekly source. The pair "had a really good time" participating in the table read even though their interactions with each other kicked up some major buzz on social media. While the fascination with their relationship used to bother them, another insider claims that now "they actually think it's hysterical that fans are so obsessed with them getting back together."

“It used to bug them how everyone pulls for them to get back together, but now they laugh it off,” a third source confirmed to the outlet. "The truth is they have each other’s backs. They constantly bounce ideas off each other and share happy news when they have it. They have such a natural, easy energy together."

The pair have such a good time together that they're actually hoping to work together again some time in the future. “They don’t want to milk this ‘friendly exes’ dynamic they’ve got going on too much,” the insider explained. “They’re both very mindful of that.” The last time they appeared on screen together before the table read was when Pitt guest starred on Friends in 2001. Who knows? Maybe he'll show up to the Friends reunion special when it finally gets off the ground.

Photo: Getty