Weather and crummy roads

WOW, what a weekend. For all of the grief that we give weather people for being wrong in my opinion they nailed the storm this past weekend. I heard a story of someone stranded in their car on HWY 20 from 11pm Saturday night into Sunday afternoon. South of Slater on the blacktop there were quite a few cars in the ditch and some places the road was narrowed down to a lane and ½ because of vehicles that have went into the ditch a bit but not all the way. That has left part of the car or truck hanging out onto the road and they have been plowed around. Honestly, I’m surprised a few of them weren’t hit. Still a messy drive so be careful out there. You know it’s bad when the interstate is closed from Ames to the border and beyond. Hopefully we see I35 opened Northbound at some point today.

Iowa Blizzard 1


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