TRAVELING TO KC Sunday was a bust

My wife had plans in Kansas City on Sunday so we drove a bit from grimes to see how the roads were and Des Moines/Clive was definitely the cut off. We drove to Cumming exit to get a feel, the roads improved but after opting to pass on the trip we were headed back home and a car hit ice and spun around at least 2 times, then on Hickman in front of Menards 2 more accidents, back out onto 141 and another car spun around in front of us. It was a sketchy day to be out in the elements for sure. As you have probably heard, we have the possibility of more snow this weekend. Not sure about you but we’re starting to run out of room to stack it in my yard. According to a MN TV station it’s been 30 years since I35 was closed for this amount of time and distance between IA and MN. By the way, latest forecast has Much more snow on the way this weekend.


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