Family guy has been around for 20 years

Yesterday was the 20 th anniversary for Family Guy. It’s amazing to me that my son hasn’t ever known a time that the show wasn’t on TV. IF you enjoy the show there’s a great story talking about how the humor and jokes have evolved over the last 20 years with time. Also the reason Seth McFarland does so many voices, when the show started they didn’t have money to hire anyone. My funny Family Guy story, once on family vacation in Portland Oregon my wife and I were going to see a concert and the boy was staying in the hotel with Grandma. He was probably about 6 and found family guy. My wife HATED the show so she flipped around to find cartoons….found South Park and she said “Watch that” and we left. For the record, he’s a completely normal 16 year old. More on 20 years of Family guy HERE!



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