McDonalds is the target AGAIN!

McDonalds proves that when you are a big name with perceived deep pockets you are a target. This time it’s not hot coffee because McDonalds fixed that years ago. This time they are being sued because of Happy Meals. In Canada they have rules on the books that prevent advertising aimed at children under 13. Happy Meals cater to who? Kids. A father of 3 says he eats McD’s about 2 times a month because of his kids and that has forced him to spend hundreds of dollars on Happy Meals. The meals come with toys and their kids want to collect the full set once they start. I guess he could do what I did, I have to drive by McDonalds EVERY DAY going home and when my son was little he would point at it and I would ignore him and keep driving like a responsible parent should! Full story HERE!


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