Should you buy a Megamillions Tickets

The Mega Millions Jackpot is at a record 868 million dollars….maybe more at this minute that I’m talking about it. The big question, should you buy a ticket. You are looking at your radio, or computer, or phone …whatever you are listening to me on thinking to yourself. Did you really just say that? The jackpot is almost 1 billion dollars, there’s no thought to this. Well, I found an article in business insider that breaks it down if a ticket is a good investment. Basically, your odds of coming out ahead are ok. Of course that only means a couple of dollars a head, not millions. Does it matter though, the dream is hitting it big and a couple of bucks is worth that. Heads up, when I win traffic in my neighborhood will be disrupted because I’m putting moat around my house. More on the lottery ticket purchase debate HERE!


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