Easter Facts

Easter is this weekend, here's a list of traditions and favorite goodies for those baskets.

Favorite Easter Basket Item:

  • Chocolate bunny (49%)
  • Plastic eggs with candy (19%)
  • Money (13%)
  • Peeps (10%)
  • Toys (9%)

 Most Popular Easter Tradition:

· Spending time with family (39%)

· Religious aspects (14%)

· Hunting for Easter eggs (13%)

· Dyeing Easter eggs (13%)

· Eating Easter candy (8%)

· Enjoying food (6%)

TopCashback.com also found 63% of Americans will purchase Easter basket and egg hunt contents at Walmart, two in five (40%) at the local dollar store and 39% at Target. In addition to the most popular places to purchase Easter items, 74% put money in their Easter eggs, including dollar bills and coins.

Learn more about Origins of Easter traditions HERE!

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