Afraid of Turbulence?

Saturday will be the first time I have flown in about 3 years and one of the biggest concerns is Turbulence, if you are hitting the sky’s an airline pilot may have solved the fear of turbulence while flying. Captain Ron Neilsen has 40 years of flying experience and in a Today Show appearance, he said writing your name over and over could make you feel less scared. During an experiment, Neilsen told a volunteer to write her name over and over with her opposite writing hand. The process of writing your name repeatedly acts as a distraction from the turbulence. Doing it with your opposite writing hand crosses your motor function and disrupts your brain's thought process. Hope this helps on your next flight. I'm sure I'll forget a pen on mine this weekend. 

Flying with Air Baltic Bombardier CS300, the first airline to operate this new airplane


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