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Ex-Lostprophets frontman Ian Watkins is going away for a very long time.  A Welsh judge sentenced Watkins to 29 years in prison, plus six years of probation Wednesday for child sex abuse, one of which involved an eleven-month-old baby. 

Watkins pled guilty to several charges last month.  Detective Chief Inspector Peter Doyle of the South Wales Police Department called the case the most disturbing evidence of child abuse he had seen in his 28 years as an officer. 

According to Britain's "Daily Mail," two female accomplices were also sentenced to 14 years and 17 years behind bars. 

sentencing Wednesday, the judge called Watkins "dangerous," adding that "the public and, in particular, young females need protection" from him. 

Watkins' Lostprophets bandmates announced the breakup of the band in October and distanced themselves from the singer, stating in a Facebook post that they were "heartbroken, angry and disgusted." 

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